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Afraid of surgery? Don't be!

Once upon a time, the process and even just the word surgery, was a terrifying thought. Unfortunately the word surgery still has that stigma for many. Today, we see patients taking excessive medication or other types of therapy that will only prolong their symptoms. In reality, surgery or surgical procedures can offer a quick and simple way to relieve many ailments.

The term minimally invasive surgery has become the go to technique for many minor procedures. This puts an emphasis on how little the process will interfere in the patients basic functioning and lifestyle. These procedures can often be done without hospitalization and minimal recovery time, having you back up and running in a matter of days. 

Advancements in technology have played a big role in allowing surgeons to offer these less invasive procedures to patients. 

Robotic Assisted 

Real Time Imaging

Predictive Modeling

For spine or orthopaedic care, minimally invasive surgical techniques are becoming the standard in premium surgical care. The advancements in these procedures allow the surgeon to approach the problem area from a position that will allow the least amount of disruption to the body. Past surgical technique would approach the problem straight on, but damage the surrounding nerves and muscles needed to aid in healing, and ultimately leading to much longer recovery times, and possibly even limited recovery.


Our surgical care team focuses on the technique that will benefit your future livelihood. When surgery is your best option, know you are in good hands with MD Spine Care.

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